The Golden Age 1995-2005

Blood Money from year 1995 is the first movie under the name Trash Video. This movie launched the so called Golden Age of Trash Video in which such classics as The Space Butchers (1996), Hervanta Fury (2001), The Man From Hervanta (2003) and Nato Commando (2005) were shot.

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Status Minor - Blinded (2007)

Se shot this music video on a cold october day on a rooftop by the lake Näsijärvi. The video is pretty dark in nature, but thats the only way to go :)

Masterstroke - Turn Away (2007)

Music video for the Turn Away single off the Sleep album. Shot in two days in Rauhaniemi and at the Masterstroke's mstr studios. The next day we shot the greenscreens for Partyboys' Zargon episodes at the same place.

Nato Commando (2005)

Alex Lommo (Ville Lähde) is the toughest commando in Nato. He is an ex-commando since he left his job due to the personal reasons and went to his cottage to live in peace. However his old pal from army, Colonel Fägerlund, manages to find him and he has a new mission for Lommo, but a group of terrorist kidnap Fägerlund right in front of Lommo's eyes. Lommo decides to personally find out what is going on...

Action Interactive (2005)

When it comes to Action-saga, escape from the futuristic prison can lead only into one thing: in a big pile of corpses!

Kingowar - Black Sausage (2004)

Kingowar got it's second music video when Matti Decided to test his new super8 film camera.

Jack Vs. the Army of Steel (2004)

While relaxing in a local titty bar, Jack receives a desperate phonecal from his old pal, mr. Saticoy. When Jack finds Saticoy dead with a throwing star in his eye, his holiday ends and ninja hunt begins!

Action Insane (2003)

This time the Action-tournament takes place on a cold october afternoon at nice cabin by the lake. Firepower is not being spared, blood sprays and the sauna is warm too!

Kingowar - Stainless Steel (2003)

Kingowar's legendary song 'Stainless Steel' was made to a music video in fall 0f 2003. It was Matti Kuusniemi's graduation work from Pirkanmaa Polytechnic.

The Man From Hervanta (2003)

In a future not so distant there is a town in the middle of radioactive wasteland which people call by the name of Steel-Manse. It is a city run by two ruthless gangs. A city where murders and rapes are common. A city where strong crush the weak!

Bendedtwist (2002)

Bendedtwist is something completely different. BT is a freelance reporter for Trash TV who, with his reporter friend Vellu Valio, travels around Finland interviewing interesting people.

Action Unknown (2002)

The wild reputation of Action-tournaments has spread through the entire galaxy and it has brought a deadly killing machine on Tellus to shed some homo sapien blood. Is our home world on the breach of destruction? Will the superior weaponry beat the sheer human rage?

Hervanta Fury (2001)

Hervanta Fury boldly continues the bloody saga started by films Tough Guys and Tough guys 2. The original hardasses, Make and Tope are back and nothing or none is safe anywhere!

Action Armageddon (2001)

The fourth installment in Action saga takes place in an abandoned train station, where action-men get together for a bloody showdown. The butchery is being comitted with axes and guns, and it will not stop, until the game master blows the wistle.

Jack And the Red Cosmos (2001)

Jack is the world's best secret agent, working for the western world and against evil powers that threaten it!

The Trap (2001)

A Bunch of tough-ass bankrobbers are traveling through countryside after a succesfull robbery. Although heading for the airport and the Canary Islands the group ends up in a deserted military complex.

Summer of Action (2000)

Nice and hot afternoon makes people feel like killing. First one to get shot is a jogger, but he is definetely not the last!

Slayer Santa (2000)

Christamas is a time of vengeance, when a psychopath with supernatural power and strenght starts his bloody revenge on a group of criminals armed to the teeth!

Hervanta Homicide 2000 (2000)

The toughest team in the history of crimefighting strikes back in a massive action spectacular!

Dragon Within (2000)

Dragon Within was left unfinished, because of it's production difficulties. The movie was ment to be shot in 8mm film, but after three days of shooting our camera was busted.

Warriors of action Hervanta (1999)

This time the battle begins in a snowy park. There is one terminator, one zombie hunter and one zombie present...let the bloodshed begin!

Action Hervanta (1999)

This is where the saga begins. Trash Video decided to do something crazy and that's exactly what we did!

The Last of the drunken ones (1998)

In a world after the nuclear holocaust there wanders a lonely hero called Pyry. To stay alive, Pyry has to watch out the hordes of bloodthirsty mutants. He also has to stay drunk all the time, otherwise the deadly virus kills him or changes him into a mutant.

Hervanta Homicide (1998)

This one was a high school video project. The topic in the school was 'Cops, the heroes of our time', but we tought 'fuck that shit', and the film ended up being a fine parody of cop- and crime movies.

Forest of Fear part 7 (1998)

Psychopatic serial killer Teuvo continues on a wave of brutal butchery when he wakes up from the dead. This time he takes out firecracker maniac chinese guy and a hippie etc.

Tough Guys 2 - Lust for a Vengeance (1997)

This is the legendary milestone of Trash Video! This is THE movie that made Trash Video finally one of the best Findie groups in Finland!

Forest of Fear part 6 (1997)

After three years of silence Trash Video decided to return to the Forest of Fear, so that the new sound editing equipment could be experimented.

Tough guys (1996)

A very tough action film is about two professional criminals, Make and Jampe, who steal a large amount of heroine from the drug overlord of Hervanta, Armando. After several bloody action scenes, Make and Jampe hide into the woods. Armando and his gang are after them and that can mean only one thing: BLOODY FUCKIN' MASSACRE!

Space Butchers (1996)

A meteorite falling to the earth brings along a strange lifeform carrying a deadly virus. After this creature bites local idiot in the hand, he slowly starts to transform into a zombie peckish for human flesh. The disease spreads and so the toughest guy in the Ufo Control is sent to take care of this hopeless situation.

House of horrors (1995)

a Demon walks out from the closet and starts to tell horror stories to two guys. These stories are all about the things that have happened in the house the guys have just moved to.

The Toxic Man (1995)

A young man falls into a puddle of toxic waste. He transforms into a bloodthirsty mutant and stats to kill people.

Blood money (1995)

Jakke is a dangerous professional killer, who gets betrayed by his cunning boss, Jorma. Jorma blackmails Jakke to do his dirty work for free, but Jakke has some other plans...