The Dawn 1992-1995

Before the name Trash Video was invented our video hobby was in search for it's style. As a result there were a bunch of more or less bad movies. However the direction was almost always forward and a few classic films were created like The Rolling Gizmos (1994), Shotgun Messiah (1994) and Jazz Killer (1993).

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The Butcher of Hervanta (1995)

Beware of strange salesmen and uninvited guests. A madman-home-invader is raging free, killing everybody who dares to resist him. But in the end a wrong address will redound to be butchers destiny.

Forest of Fear part 5 (1994)

Jansson wakes up when nuclear waste is dumped on his grave. At this point we were bored on the whole Forest of Fear concept and one can tell that from the film as well.

Forest of Fear part 4 (1994)

Forest of Fear -insanity reaches it's peak point in this fourth installment of the series!

Forest of Fear part 3 (1994)

Two guys dressed for a costume party accidently walk by the Jansson\'s house and see Jansson laying in the ground with axe in his stomach. The guys wake up Jansson using satanic rites.

Forest of Fear part 2 (1994)

A gang of hooligans arrives to the remains of Jansson's house and stats to break the stuff that has already been broken.

Forest of Fear (1994)

In a legendary first episode, Jansson Vuorinen comes back from Siberia after 40 years. He sees his house destroyed and goes apeshit!

The Rolling gizmos (1994)

Frienship doesn´t help you if strange, extraterrestrial forces are taking over your friends mind...

The Swamp (1994)

A maverick Bunch of Campers find a nice looking place to spend the night, an old cottage next to a swamp...

Shotgun Messiah (1994)

Andres Pass' first role. He is a serial killer who uses a shotgun to reduce the number of people living in Hervanta

Doggie (1994)

Out of the fucking blue, a cute dog turns into a murderous man who begins his rampage through the house. Couple of Identical-twin-brothers get slaughtered as this maniac, calling himself Demon-I systematically sweeps from room to room.

Radioactive 4 (1994)

This time the bottle fulled radioactive fluid is found from a near by forest. The man drinks it and turns into a bloodthirsty monster.

Savage (1994)

An analyzis on the influences of tv- and videogame violence to the young people of Finland.

Computer fobia (1994)

The game of the week starts a bloody wave of murder!

Salesman (1994)

a Couple of boys kill a salesman for no reason. The salesman rises from the dead and begins his vengeance. Real salesmen never die!

Goodtaste 1.1 (1993)

A Remake from the lost film Goodtaste. The boys hear a scream from outside, which can only mean one thing: The killer is coming in...

Killer (1993)

A very originally titled "horror" movie about two boys who decide to look for the guy killed their downstairs pal.

Spuke Killer (1993)

Spuke (=low life) Killer has chosen to kill all Spukes from the woods of Suolijärvi.

Iiros Faith (1993)

Iiro-boy makes a big mistake by asking time from the dealmaking drug pushers. Iiro gets killed. Fortunately, Iiro has a supernatural skill of coming back to life and a strong appetite for vengeance!

Skitso Scetch 2 (1993)

A collection of very dumb scetch.

Skitso Scetch (1993)

A poor attempt to create comedy.

Agent 666 vs. Doctor Maybe (1993)

Agent 666 is sent after dr. Maybe who is threatening the world with nuclearbomb.

Hammer of justice (1993)

A maniac with a hammer comes to collect his movies back from a guy who has stolen 'em.

Jazz Killer (1993)

A young boy goes apeshit as his friend makes unnecessary noice by his mouth ang guitar. He puts on some jazz and kills everyone in the house as he gets turned on by a jazz song.

Insanity (1993)

a psycho ascapes from prison and a cop is sent to capture him. Everything is not what it seems to be in this one...

Rescue 666 (1993)

A TV-show hosted by William Splatter. True stories about the fuck ups of rescue center. These guys wont save no one. Their "customers" are better be taken to the morgue straight away.

Boom (1993)

Nuclear powerplant explodes releasing deadly radiation which makes the people explode! For some reason, this radiation only effects in one room...

Mason 3 vs. Goodtaste 4 (1992)

Just like Jason and Freddy 11 years later, Mason and Goodtaste met in a bloody clash of titans.

Goodtaste 3 (1992)

Before we made our first official movie, there were films Goodtaste and Goodtaste 2. These movies however are gone forever, but yet we made a sequel.

Sabotator (1992)

Sabotator is one long movie about a serial killer who invades peoples homes, kills everyone inside, lives in the house and eats everything from the fridge.

Toxic Danger (1992)

Gambler get's into trouble when he loses his money at the race track. He has to pay his debts to the local crime lord by killing his enemies.

Radioactive 3 (1992)

A Strange man invades a house party and contaminates the beer with nuclear waste. Thirsty party animals consume the beer, and one of them turns into a killer monster.

Radioactive 2 (1992)

A group of special agents are investigating the strange killings of the first movie. One of them is stupid enough to drink from toxic waste container. Of course this man turns into a mutation and repeates the horrible acts of the previous movie.

Radioactive (1992)

Drinking nuclear waste is not only bad for your health but it can also change you into a bloodthirsty serial killer! A boy who is looking something to drink in his fathers laboratory finds this out in the most painful way. A brutal wave of butchery ensues. If you liked Gibson you gonna fuckin love these Radioactive-movies (there are two sequels).

Mason 2 (1992)

Mason resurrects from the trash can and restarts the bloodbath.

Gibson (1992)

Totally insane story about a guy who's grandma gets killed, or a cop that gets sent to the scene but decides to go and shoot some gangbangers, or the boss of the gangbangers who kills the cop and starts to eliminate his own troops but suddenly finds himself shooting the rest of the original grandma's family until he needs to pee.

Mason (1992)

Friday the 13th inspired slasher-flick about a hockeymasked killer who decreases the population of Hervanta using several sharp instruments.

Jasu (1992)

The first Trash Video movie ever!