The HD Age 2008->

HD-age begins with the first production shot in High Definition format which is 13-episodes containing Partyboys tv-series. In addition there is the short film Slaghammer (2009) and science fiction movies The Last Starship to Venus (2010) and The Revenge of the Earthquake (2012).

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Champions of Space (2014)

When the worlds most famous action star, a Finnish native Nick Nemesis takes a well deserved vacation from Hollywood glamour and retreats to his cold and gloomy homeland things start to get seriously strange. Humanoids from beyond our world have been watching too many of Nick’s movies and decide to abduct him and force him to take on some of the galaxy’s toughest challengers. This battle for life and death shakes the very foundations of time and space. Nick’s life is at stake and furthermore - the title of the Galaxy’s toughest dude.

The Revenge of the Earthquake (2012)

Jack Shaker was the world's toughest earthquake hunter. After a freak accident at work he loses his partner and Jack decides to move to Finland. A country which has a solid bedrock and practically no earthquakes.

Trash Video -20 Years of Trash (2012)

A retrospective documentary about Trash Video made in the spring of 2012. It is a journey through the 20 years history of this independent film company. With movie clips we present achievents and goofs which those 20 years in the film making keep within.

The Last Starship to Venus (2010)

This is a joint venture of three independent film companies Trash Video, Insane Bastards and Blood Cerenomy Films. While it is a salute to the good old 50's and 60's scifi flicks, it is also a movie faithful to the style of it's creators. This means gore, blood and tits!

Slaghammer (2009)

A short feature shot in HDV (High Definition Video) which is kind of a prequel for a movie Nato Commando

Partyboys - S1E11 Christmas Night, Bring on the Fight (2008)

Christmas is not the time of peace for the Partyboys. Not especially when cousin Tope comes for revenge!

Partyboys - S1E13 Zargon rising (2008)

Continuing from Challenge of Zargon. Pekkuli and Rantala decide to rescue Jammu, Kipe and Alpo. The final battle against the tyranny of religion begins!

Partyboys - S1E12 The Challenge of Zargon (2008)

A bunch of religious geeks kidnap Jammu, Kipe and Alpo to a converting camp. They must face the Challenge of Zargon!

Partyboys - S1E10 Rantala's episode (2008)

An entire episode dedicated to Rantala! See what this pervert maniac has

Partyboys - S1E09 Go Alpo go (2008)

Alpo gets a home of his own and moves away. Soon the other guys realise that they need Alpo back!

Partyboys - S1E08 Maximum blowout (2008)

A huge amount of blow has gone missing and Jammu must find it before the evening. Kipe has something to do with the case...

Partyboys - S1E07 Kiddieplay (2008)

As a part of violence treatment Jammu gets a baby to cheer him up. Soon the man has shit on his face and there is a fight at the bar. Why?

Partyboys - S1E06 KingOwaR (2008)

Pekkuli runs out of dringking money and decides to resurrect his heavy metal band Kingowar. He asks partyboys to join his band. Big mistake!

Partyboys - S1E05 The Dragon in Hervanta (2008)

Alpo joins to karate course because he wants to kick Jammu's ass once and for all. Is karate sensei what he seems?

Partyboys - S1E04 A Midsummernight's nightmare (2008)

Partyboys force themselves to go to Alpo's parents cottage. But who is the mysterious passenger in the trunk?

Partyboys - S1E01 The Birthdayboy (2008)

Kipe has birthday and that sure pisses Jammu off. Pekkuli starts to hallucinate and Rantala goes to mental asylum. Business as usual.

Partyboys - S1E02 My cousin Tope (2008)

Jammu's evil cousin Tope comes to visit and the booze filled hell begins!

Partyboys - S1E01 House warming party (2008)

House warming party of Partyboys is full of action! Women are picked up and men get their asses wupped! Rantala gives an unpleasant gift...

Partyboys: Birthdayboy PROTO (2004)

In the final proto episode Kipe has a birthday. Rantala gives a pile dog shit as a present and Jammu beats Kipe up

Partyboys: Eye of The Tiger PROTO (2003)

Alpo has signed in for a self defence course in order to kick Jammu's ass. But the corse is not what it seems...

Partyboys: Maximum Blow-out PROTO (2002)

A huge pile of coke is missing and Jammu's boss wants his stuff back the same evening. Kipe and Pekkuli have something to do with the missing blow...

Partyboys: My cousin Tope PROTO (2001)

Mean cousin Tope comes in for a visit and starts to threated his hosts. Can Partyboys get rid of this booze and pussy hungry intruder?

Partyboys: House Party PROTO (2000)

Partyboys move in their nice new apartment and start to party. Alpo gets a lesson in who is in charge and Rantala gets his ass kicked!