movies in category: 4

The Trap (2001)

A Bunch of tough-ass bankrobbers are traveling through countryside after a succesfull robbery. Although heading for the airport and the Canary Islands the group ends up in a deserted military complex.

Space Butchers (1996)

A meteorite falling to the earth brings along a strange lifeform carrying a deadly virus. After this creature bites local idiot in the hand, he slowly starts to transform into a zombie peckish for human flesh. The disease spreads and so the toughest guy in the Ufo Control is sent to take care of this hopeless situation.

The Rolling gizmos (1994)

Frienship doesn´t help you if strange, extraterrestrial forces are taking over your friends mind...

The Swamp (1994)

A maverick Bunch of Campers find a nice looking place to spend the night, an old cottage next to a swamp...