The Toxic Man (1995)

AKA: Myrkkymies

genre: scifi

premiere: 1995 september

directed by: Trash Video team

editor: Matti Kuusniemi, Ville Lähde

music: Sepultura, Megadeth, Paradise Lost...

cast: Ville Lähde, Matti Kuusniemi, Tomi Irri, Antti Murtonen, Rami Yrttiaho, Andres Pass, Tyson

duration: 42 minutes

A young man falls into a puddle of toxic waste. He transforms into a bloodthirsty mutant and stats to kill people.

This nobudget film offers tons of splatter and gore. Various murder scenes should be trashy enough to entertain every horror- gore- and trash fan.

There's a lot of flashbacks in this movie because we wanted to use all material that we had from films that were never finished. there's also a groovy drinking scene with western music, which still is one of the best of it's kind!