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Champions of Space (2014)

When the worlds most famous action star, a Finnish native Nick Nemesis takes a well deserved vacation from Hollywood glamour and retreats to his cold and gloomy homeland things start to get seriously strange. Humanoids from beyond our world have been watching too many of Nick’s movies and decide to abduct him and force him to take on some of the galaxy’s toughest challengers. This battle for life and death shakes the very foundations of time and space. Nick’s life is at stake and furthermore - the title of the Galaxy’s toughest dude.

The Revenge of the Earthquake (2012)

Jack Shaker was the world's toughest earthquake hunter. After a freak accident at work he loses his partner and Jack decides to move to Finland. A country which has a solid bedrock and practically no earthquakes.

The Last Starship to Venus (2010)

This is a joint venture of three independent film companies Trash Video, Insane Bastards and Blood Cerenomy Films. While it is a salute to the good old 50's and 60's scifi flicks, it is also a movie faithful to the style of it's creators. This means gore, blood and tits!

The Man From Hervanta (2003)

In a future not so distant there is a town in the middle of radioactive wasteland which people call by the name of Steel-Manse. It is a city run by two ruthless gangs. A city where murders and rapes are common. A city where strong crush the weak!

The Last of the drunken ones (1998)

In a world after the nuclear holocaust there wanders a lonely hero called Pyry. To stay alive, Pyry has to watch out the hordes of bloodthirsty mutants. He also has to stay drunk all the time, otherwise the deadly virus kills him or changes him into a mutant.

The Toxic Man (1995)

A young man falls into a puddle of toxic waste. He transforms into a bloodthirsty mutant and stats to kill people.

Radioactive 4 (1994)

This time the bottle fulled radioactive fluid is found from a near by forest. The man drinks it and turns into a bloodthirsty monster.

Computer fobia (1994)

The game of the week starts a bloody wave of murder!

Boom (1993)

Nuclear powerplant explodes releasing deadly radiation which makes the people explode! For some reason, this radiation only effects in one room...

Radioactive 3 (1992)

A Strange man invades a house party and contaminates the beer with nuclear waste. Thirsty party animals consume the beer, and one of them turns into a killer monster.

Radioactive 2 (1992)

A group of special agents are investigating the strange killings of the first movie. One of them is stupid enough to drink from toxic waste container. Of course this man turns into a mutation and repeates the horrible acts of the previous movie.

Radioactive (1992)

Drinking nuclear waste is not only bad for your health but it can also change you into a bloodthirsty serial killer! A boy who is looking something to drink in his fathers laboratory finds this out in the most painful way. A brutal wave of butchery ensues. If you liked Gibson you gonna fuckin love these Radioactive-movies (there are two sequels).