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Partyboys - S1E11 Christmas Night, Bring on the Fight (2008)

Christmas is not the time of peace for the Partyboys. Not especially when cousin Tope comes for revenge!

Partyboys - S1E13 Zargon rising (2008)

Continuing from Challenge of Zargon. Pekkuli and Rantala decide to rescue Jammu, Kipe and Alpo. The final battle against the tyranny of religion begins!

Partyboys - S1E12 The Challenge of Zargon (2008)

A bunch of religious geeks kidnap Jammu, Kipe and Alpo to a converting camp. They must face the Challenge of Zargon!

Partyboys - S1E10 Rantala's episode (2008)

An entire episode dedicated to Rantala! See what this pervert maniac has

Partyboys - S1E09 Go Alpo go (2008)

Alpo gets a home of his own and moves away. Soon the other guys realise that they need Alpo back!

Partyboys - S1E08 Maximum blowout (2008)

A huge amount of blow has gone missing and Jammu must find it before the evening. Kipe has something to do with the case...

Partyboys - S1E07 Kiddieplay (2008)

As a part of violence treatment Jammu gets a baby to cheer him up. Soon the man has shit on his face and there is a fight at the bar. Why?

Partyboys - S1E06 KingOwaR (2008)

Pekkuli runs out of dringking money and decides to resurrect his heavy metal band Kingowar. He asks partyboys to join his band. Big mistake!

Partyboys - S1E05 The Dragon in Hervanta (2008)

Alpo joins to karate course because he wants to kick Jammu's ass once and for all. Is karate sensei what he seems?

Partyboys - S1E04 A Midsummernight's nightmare (2008)

Partyboys force themselves to go to Alpo's parents cottage. But who is the mysterious passenger in the trunk?

Partyboys - S1E01 The Birthdayboy (2008)

Kipe has birthday and that sure pisses Jammu off. Pekkuli starts to hallucinate and Rantala goes to mental asylum. Business as usual.

Partyboys - S1E02 My cousin Tope (2008)

Jammu's evil cousin Tope comes to visit and the booze filled hell begins!

Partyboys - S1E01 House warming party (2008)

House warming party of Partyboys is full of action! Women are picked up and men get their asses wupped! Rantala gives an unpleasant gift...

Partyboys: Birthdayboy PROTO (2004)

In the final proto episode Kipe has a birthday. Rantala gives a pile dog shit as a present and Jammu beats Kipe up

Partyboys: Eye of The Tiger PROTO (2003)

Alpo has signed in for a self defence course in order to kick Jammu's ass. But the corse is not what it seems...

Partyboys: Maximum Blow-out PROTO (2002)

A huge pile of coke is missing and Jammu's boss wants his stuff back the same evening. Kipe and Pekkuli have something to do with the missing blow...

Partyboys: My cousin Tope PROTO (2001)

Mean cousin Tope comes in for a visit and starts to threated his hosts. Can Partyboys get rid of this booze and pussy hungry intruder?

Partyboys: House Party PROTO (2000)

Partyboys move in their nice new apartment and start to party. Alpo gets a lesson in who is in charge and Rantala gets his ass kicked!