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Status Minor - Blinded (2007)

Se shot this music video on a cold october day on a rooftop by the lake Näsijärvi. The video is pretty dark in nature, but thats the only way to go :)

Masterstroke - Turn Away (2007)

Music video for the Turn Away single off the Sleep album. Shot in two days in Rauhaniemi and at the Masterstroke's mstr studios. The next day we shot the greenscreens for Partyboys' Zargon episodes at the same place.

Kingowar - Black Sausage (2004)

Kingowar got it's second music video when Matti Decided to test his new super8 film camera.

Kingowar - Stainless Steel (2003)

Kingowar's legendary song 'Stainless Steel' was made to a music video in fall 0f 2003. It was Matti Kuusniemi's graduation work from Pirkanmaa Polytechnic.