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episode 1


Video Cop 1-Terminator Commando (2017)

AKA: Video Cop 1-Terminator Commando

genre: action

premiere: 10.06.2017

directed by: Ville Lähde

written by: Ville Lähde

director of photography: Matti Kuusniemi

editor: Ville Lähde

music: Sami Saarinen, Flash Arnold

special FX: Ari Savonen

CGI FX: Matti Kuusniemi

cast: Antti Murtonen, Rauli Ylitalo, Karo Von Rutenhjelm, Andres Pass, Jussi Niskala, Joni Kainulainen, Olli Nupponen, Ville Lähde jne.

duration: 16 minutes

Jake Crusher (Antti Murtonen) is an 80’s cop from Hervanta. A cop, who got too close to the ultimate international conspiracy by the governments of the world to enslave the human race. A cop, who is too dangerous alive but too valuable to be killed. So they invented something completely different for him: With the help of analog super
technology they transported him into the Video World. Into the world where a video movie becomes reality and reality becomes a video movie!

In this first episode of Video Cop Jake is transported far away behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union territory where his mission as a member of an American Terminator Commando -elite force is to eliminate the roque General Smitrovich and his ICBM:s that threaten Washington. Jake can only count on his buddy, a Vietnam veteran called Trapper (Rauli Ylitalo), and his oily muscles! The mission is not easy and the master of the Video World, Vidzard (Andres Pass), has a few surprises in store for our heroes…

Video Cop is a glorious return of Trash Video back to it’s roots. The roots that are soaked in bloody action and strong humor!