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sunday, 2. april 2017

Jasun paluu 25 vuoden jälkeen

Trash Videon ensimmäinen säilynyt elokuva Jasu saa 25 vuotta myöhemmin jatkoa! Kuvasimme 25-vuotisjuhlan kunniaksi ihka aidon jatko-osan Jasu 2 omaksi ja teidän iloksenne!... [continue reading]


Nato Commando (2005)

Alex Lommo (Ville Lähde) is the toughest commando in Nato. He is an ex-commando since he left his job due to the personal reasons and went to his cottage to live in peace. However his old pal from army, Colonel Fägerlund, manages to find him and he has a new mission for Lommo, but a group of terrorist kidnap Fägerlund right in front of Lommo's eyes. Lommo decides to personally find out what is going on...

Action Interactive (2005)

When it comes to Action-saga, escape from the futuristic prison can lead only into one thing: in a big pile of corpses!

Jack Vs. the Army of Steel (2004)

While relaxing in a local titty bar, Jack receives a desperate phonecal from his old pal, mr. Saticoy. When Jack finds Saticoy dead with a throwing star in his eye, his holiday ends and ninja hunt begins!

Random choices

Partyboys - S1E08 Maximum blowout (2008)

This time The Partyboys are faced with their greatest test yet; Jammu has misplaced a mountain of coke and his boss demands it returned the very same day. Kipe is not without blame in the madness that ensues...

Action Unknown (2002)

The wild reputation of Action-tournaments has spread through the entire galaxy and it has brought a deadly killing machine on Tellus to shed some homo sapien blood. Is our home world on the breach of destruction? Will the superior weaponry beat the sheer human rage?

Sabotator (1992)

Sabotator is one long movie about a serial killer who invades peoples homes, kills everyone inside, lives in the house and eats everything from the fridge.